Junk Monkey™️ clay & mineral hybrid paint with multiple resins is a one of a kind formula with super adhesive properties. 

It is self leveling paint that dries to an ultra flat matte look to create instant vintage charm for your furniture & decor.

Rich acrylic resin allows it to fuse to a variety of surfaces without the usual priming, sanding and stripping. 

We offer neutrals to fun colors for your projects. You can also mix and blend your own custom color. It is a water based paint that makes for easy clean up and has virtually no odor.

One can covers approximately 60 square feet (depending on how you personally apply it).

Rule of thumb: One can is typically enough to complete a standard size piece of furniture, like a hutch, buffet, dresser etc. OR approx one can to complete a few smaller pieces such as end stands or chairs.

Apply paint in thin layers. You may lightly sand in between dried paint coats for a smoother finish. 

Our paint can also be distressed (with a sandblock for a rustic look), or glazed for an aged look

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